Why does the radio audio cut out after a while?

This can be very frustrating. This problem can be caused by a couple of issues but most likely it is that your cell phone battery is being optimized. This is very common on Android devices. To change this, go to Settings/... Battery. There should be a setting for App power saving. This should list all the Apps on your device. Find the My Morningside App and ensure that Battery Optimization is turned off for this App. This should solve the problem.

I can't multitask while I'm listening.

Unfortunately certain older versions of Android phones may not support this feature. The problem may also relate to a default setting in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later . If MyMorningside is playing in the background, the app may lose its ability to stream audio because of this default setting. To fix the problem, go to your Android Settings/... Battery and turn Power Saving Mode or Battery Optimization to OFF. This setting can be changed specifically for this app.